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Improve Financial Outcomes from Change
Create alignment between organisation and employees in enterprise value creation
with our simple standard for corporate planning, management and measurement
For Executives For Change Agents

Connect business activity to financial outcomes

Valkyrie’s simple design supports all forms of Strategy Execution, from implementing the Corporate Plan,

to managing a Merger or Acquisition

Corporate and Financial Planning

Full management and tracking of business as usual and business improvement activity to financial targets

Business Portfolio Management

Align a Portfolio of Projects and Programs to Strategic Objectives and company Financial Targets

Business Turnaround and Transformation

Coordinate and track all activity required to achieve dramatic and sustainable improvement in performance

Merger and Acquisition Planning and Management

Manage and track Merger Integration activity to achieve agreed Financial Outcomes

Why did we create Valkyrie?

Companies now operate in an environment of hyper competition and high complexity, and must continually adapt and create new ways to increase sales and reduce expenses

Without the capability to effectively plan and manage enterprise change, company objectives not only fail to materialise, but the barriers to profit creation increase, including increased bureaucracy, low autonomy and low alignment.

To manage profit creation and help companies to achieve their objectives, a structured and standardised enterprise system is needed which goes beyond setting top down targets and establishing a portfolio of improvement projects.

Valkyrie provides businesses with a unique world class experience for planning and tracking business change.

Businesses are able to coordinate and prioritise improvement and business-as-usual activity with unprecedented ease and effectiveness.

How the process works

Creating Initiatives in Valkyrie is a simple and intuitive process
with just three core elements

Create Initiative

Enter key planning and responsible stakeholders, and achieve sponsorship and approval

Capture impacts

Earnings Impacts are defined as outcomes that map directly to Company Financials

Enter Actions

Actions represent business activities critical to realising the Initiative's Impacts

Simply and accurately capture activities that impact business results

Complete alignment between employee and enterprise
in the pursuit of Value Creation


All value creation activity is standardised as Initiatives


All Initiatives and Actions have a single owner


Baseline Financials and Initiatives are integrated into one Value Creation plan


Financial outcomes are measured and employee contribution records are created


Data is aggregated across the enterprise, enabling prioritisation and insights

There are substantial benefits to using Valkyrie

Through its simple yet powerful Initiative management capability,

Valkyrie brings order and control to Enterprise Change

Strategic Alignment

Portfolio activity can be prioritised to fit organisational purpose and strategic priority

Financial Management

Financial plans are built bottom-up, improving decision making


Accountability for profit
creation is widely distributed, unlocking latent employee capability


Validated Employee
performance records enable improved rewards and recognition

Who We Are

Our Directors have many years experience working with top tier consultancies

in Finance, Technology and Transformation

Founding Partner

Richard Officer

Richard started Initiative Tree with Andrew to align the company and the employee in the pursuit of value creation. He is an entrepreneur and executive with extensive experience growing and improving businesses. Working with Executive teams and Tier 1 consultancies he has delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in profits to organisations. Richard has an MBA from the University of Melbourne.

Founding Partner

Andrew Coote

An experienced Technology Director, Andrew left Accenture to found Initiative Tree with Richard. His career includes having been a developer at Microsoft, PMO Director at Ogilvy Digital (DT), and Delivery Director at Accenture Reactive. He is a leader in large scale delivery and portfolio management across greenfield software, systems integration and application outsourcing.

Non-executive Director

Rob Smith

Rob is a Chartered Accountant, Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne. He is currently a Partner at the boutique advisory firm McGrathNicol, specialising in business restructuring, performance improvement and mergers and acquisitions. He is also a non-executive Director of the ASX listed Boart Longyear Limited.

Valkyrie helps you align all activity across the business

Create a virtuous cycle by connecting top-down strategy to bottom-up value creation activity

Using Valkyrie, businesses quickly establish validated performance records at all organizational levels


Employees are able to be measured and recognized for their contribution to profit creation. This improves the level of motivation and creativity from employees to improve company outcomes

Secured in Microsoft Azure Trusted Cloud

Valkyrie is built in Microsoft Azure for Enterprise Grade security and reliability, with encrypted Identity Management and secure token-based APIs.


Over 3500 Microsoft security professionals protect Azure customers, using advanced AI to analyze 6.5 trillion global signals, detect and respond to threats, and provide our Cloud team with threat reports, alerts and dashboards.

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